ECCO maintains a tradition of innovation in safety that stretches over 47 years. What started with the back-up alarm has blossomed into an extensive catalogue of devices and solutions designed for multiple industries to fill a variety of safety needs.

The Electronic Controls Company was founded in 1972 in America, with a mission to protect people by manufacturing performance optimised products. Since then, ECCO has trail blazed a path towards that goal with ground-breaking technology and industry-leading innovations. Here’s a look back at some of our safety innovations that transformed the industry.

  1. Only a few years after bringing the humble back-up alarm to market, ECCO engineers devised two significant improvements that set an industry standard. In order to reduce noise pollution and maximise efficiency, the Smart Alarm was the first device to listen as well as alert. It was calibrated to adjust its tone 5 dB above the ambient sound that the device measured. Not only did this enhance worker safety in noisy construction sites but it lessened the audible footprint of commercial vehicles that routinely operated in residential areas.

  2. The next significant upgrade followed soon after. The Reverse Motion Sensor (RMS) activated the alarm as soon as it detected any backwards motion, whether the vehicle was running or not. This added layer of warning further enhanced worker and public safety.

  3. As technology improved and LED modules took the industry by storm, ECCO listened to customers transitioning from traditional halogen lights. The RotoLED™ had the look and functionality of a conventional rotator beacon but used an LED head and a brushless, magnetic drive. The unique drive system boosted efficiency, reduced maintenance issues and made the device whisper quiet. This hybrid beacon was a hit when it launched and it is still available to order today.

  4. Smaller LED components allowed warning lights to be placed virtually anywhere on a vehicle’s surface. The Hide-A-LED™ series was introduced to complement beacons and lightbars. These compact warning lights were flush-mounted and delivered intensely bright output.

  5. The Stick-A-LED™ line offered the very first warning light with an adhesive back eliminating the need to drill holes or permanently alter the vehicle's surface.

  6. Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics shifted the industry into high gear by controlling and focusing the light beam. The first major warning light platform to feature these improved optics was the Reflex® minibar. The Reflex series is low-profile and packs a powerful LED punch with 360° of coverage.

  7. Like the RotoLED, ECCO’s engineers and product managers acted on customer feedback and introduced Lo-Glo functionality to an innovative worklight, the Equinox™. The soft, even beam was built into the centre of the light head and its purpose was to illuminate obstructions or hazards in and around the vehicle.