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Bringing Innovation and Safety – new ECCO products released in 2021

Bringing Innovation and Safety – new ECCO products released in 2021

The LED Directional That Bends to Fit Your Vehicle

Vehicles today have fewer and fewer flat surfaces meaning a reduction in possible locations for directional lighting.

That is no longer a problem with the new ED3794 UltraFlex™ LED directional. It can bend up to 120°, allowing installation on areas such as corners of vehicles or wing mirrors through self-adhesive, very high bond tape.

Featuring 12 dual colour (amber and white) LEDs and capable of 69 flash patterns including steady burn, it provides exceptional output. The clear silicone housing that allows flexing also resists yellowing and warping. Additionally, UltraFlex comes with a two-bolt bezel for mounting on flat surfaces.

Discover more about UltraFlex by clicking here.

Enlightening Worklamps

Being able to see clearly is fundamental to safety at work. Two new ECCO Worklamps allow you to do just that.

The EW2602 Series is designed with a 40° down-angle to illuminate the immediate area around trucks and work vehicles. The focused flood beam of white light it produces comes from its eighteen 1 Watt LEDs and it can fit on small surfaces thanks to its compact design and simple mount. Find out more by clicking here.

Offering the latest technology and the very brightest white light is the EW2520 Medium Duty Worklamp. Able to produce 2,380 effective lumens of extremely bright light thanks to its twenty-four 1.5 Watt LEDs, the compact design makes this worklamp perfect for a variety of applications. Complete with a rugged housing with built-in vent to reduce fogging, it offers 80,000 hours of maintenance-free life expectancy. Click here for more information.

Low Profile, High Impact Directionals

Flexibility in siting is a key consideration when choosing an LED directional. This is where the new ED3801 and ED3802 series come in handy.

These LED directionals are bright and versatile warning lights suited to a wide variety of applications. Their ultra-low profile makes them easy to install virtually anywhere on a vehicle and are 25% thinner than previous models.

All models offer wide angle optics and multiple flash patterns, including synchronisation with other units for simultaneous or alternating operation. Each LED colour can be controlled independently. Click here for more information on the ED3801 series and here for the ED3802 series.

These new additions to the ECCO range offer you more flexibility and performance. That’s not it for this year though; news on further new products will be released in the coming months.

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