Maintaining a Mountain

ECCO Assists Ski & Recreation Area with Safety All Year Round

Maintaining a Mountain

It may be snow-free and pushing 90° on the mountain but there is still a lot of work to do. From fixing up snow groomers to repairing trails, Vehicle Maintenance Director Jack Hicks and his team are preparing for another busy season at the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area (a 501c3 organization) just a few thousand feet above Boise, ID. “We have trucks running loads all summer; 40 trips per week,” Hicks said as he passed a storage facility half-filled with sand. It takes tons of sand to last through the winter to keep winding roads passable and safe. Regardless of the season’s projects, Hicks takes safety seriously and he trusts ECCO to keep his crew on task and visible on the road and trails.

Hicks is responsible for a diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment that require added warning devices and white lighting. Snowplows, work trucks, skid steers, motor graders, groomers and snow mobiles are just some of the vehicles that need a safety upfit. “The lights they include from the factory just don’t cut it,” he observed. During the ski season, Hicks and his team start the day at 4 AM, clearing roads and prepping the trails. They depend on ECCO’s worklights, utility bars and beacons to light up the early morning darkness and make sure they are visible to other vehicles and workers preparing for the day’s activities. “When we’re out on the road, we’re glowing,” Hicks said, then added that his snowplows can be seen from miles away as they operate on the twisting roads without the aid of streetlights. The plows are rigged up with EW3420 utility bars and EW4010 headlight replacements.

EW3420 Utility Bar Traffic Director

White Lighting at O-Dark-Thirty

Hicks chose the EW3420 for its massive 12,600 lumen output and its Safety Director™ feature. The top row of the double-stacked utility bar contains amber LEDs that have both steady-burn and flashing functionality. Steady-burn amber can be useful for inclement weather to avoid white out from reflected white light. The wig-wag and flash patterns offer a warning capability when traffic starts picking up. The included controller and easy mounting make any application road-ready in a snap.

EW4010 Heated lamp worklight headlight

The EW4010 Series replaces the headlights on the snowplow and features an automatic, heated lens function. When the temperature drops below 35°F, the embedded sensor activates the heating function and when combined with the breather vents, the lens stays clear and moisture-free during the harshest winter storms.

Hicks’ groomers, skid steers, graders, and other earth movers equip the EW3200 Series utility bars along with a variety of heavy- and medium-duty worklights such as EW2530 and EW2311.The double stacked EW3200 Series delivers a combination spot and flood light and features advanced optics to focus the light output. With three lengths available, these utility bars are ideally suited for a mixed fleet. The EW2530 complements vehicle lighting providing 120° of coverage to illuminate work sites or to highlight hazardous equipment that may be operating. The rugged EW2311 casts an intense flood beam and features heatsink aluminum housing along with a vibration-protected bracket. These lights perform exceptionally in rough terrain and are designed to keep up with vehicles and equipment that lack suspension.

EW3200 Utility Bar

Warning on the Slopes

Touring maintenance facility and the yard at Bogus Basin, Hicks also points out the warning devices he equips on snow mobiles and groomers. The compact and versatile ED5051 is an effective warning

ED5051 directional warning light

solution on a snow mobile, especially when charging uphill on the congested trail system. Giving skiers and snowboarders ample warning, the ED5051 features intense single- or dual-color LEDs with 18 to 36 flash patterns respectively. Dual-color amber/green is Hicks’ preferred light combination, which is quite popular with other industries that operate in the wintertime.

In order to give his groomers an added layer of warning, Hicks went to ECCO’s emergency counterpart Code 3 for a siren and speaker system. Code 3’s newest and slimmest speaker, the 3900 Series produces an efficient 100 watts of power to warn winter recreationists to give way and let the crews groom that fresh powder. From added lights to emergency warning, Hicks wants to keep everyone safe, inside the cab and out.

Finally, Hicks recently acquired two new vehicles that are bound to rack up the miles this upcoming season: passenger buses. Running up and down the 15-mile stretch of road, Bogus Basin’s new buses also need upgraded lights to ensure safe loading/unloading as well as more visibility around those tight turns. Hicks installed EW2604 worklights to boost headlight output when needed and EW2601 Series flood lights above the doors that are designed with a 40° down-angle. Hicks recommends using additional lighting on the side and back doors to make sure everyone is loaded or cleared from the vehicle before getting underway.

EW2601 flood light bus

Partnering for Safety

Hicks is going into his 11th season up at Bogus Basin and his 3rd year with ECCO. The partnership has served his crew and the public well to keep people safe and make sure everyone can enjoy the many outdoor activities the mountain has to offer. The way that Hicks has innovated using and mounting ECCO’s safety solutions is commendable and attests to the product lines’ versatility. ECCO is proud to work with hard-working and safety-minded professionals like Jack Hicks and his team. Together we can accomplish a mutual goal and the cornerstone of ECCO’s mission: provide safety solutions to protect your most important asset – your people.