ECCO Directional LEDs

Surface and Multi-Mount LED Warning Lights for Trucks and Work Vehicles

Exterior directional lights provide multiple warning functions for any vehicle surface, grille, headlight and taillight. Enhance visibility with powerful LEDs that deliver dozens of flash patterns and synchronization capability. Choose from a variety of ECCO directional lights that feature single-, split-, dual- or tri-color light heads.

ED3802 Series
Best Selling
ED3802 Series
ED9015 Series
ED9015 Series
ED3779 Series
Premium Choice
ED3779 Series

Single-Color Directional LEDs

(only one illumination color shows)

Dual- or Split-Color Directional LEDs

(two illumination colors show individually or simultaneously)

Tri-Color Directional LEDs

(three illumination colors show individually)

Remote Strobes