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Customer Testimonial: Bogus Basin Ski Resort

Customer Testimonial: Bogus Basin Ski Resort

Situated in the mountains about 16 miles north of Boise, Idaho, Bogus Basin is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders in the winter. Bogus Basin has over 2,600 acres of ski areas, 91 different runs, and an average temperature of 25 degrees. The annual average snowfall is between 200 and 250 inches, it’s not difficult to understand why it generates crowds. All that snow piles up on the roads and 17 acres of parking spaces, which means somebody has to take care of it.

Jack Hicks manages snow removal at Bogus Basin, which is a big and stressful job during the season. Fortunately, Jack’s crew had the unique chance to use the EW4010 Series LED snowplow lights on two of their plows. One set of lights are mounted on the hood, while the other set is on the plow frame. His feedback on the product has been encouraging, thanks to several features that complement his snowplows.

Obviously, the greatest concern with auxiliary lights is visibility. These LEDs have low and high beams, which Jack says do an excellent job of cutting through the snow in the air, so drivers see exactly where they’re headed. At the same time, the lights don’t blind other drivers. When crews are working at night, traffic is a factor, so the trucks can’t turn on other auxiliary lights, like the roof-mounted LED bars. That means it’s up to the EW4010 Series lights to do all the work. In fact, one of the trucks at Bogus Basin doesn’t have the headlight assemblies wired in at all, so the EW4010 Series lights do all the work. Jack says they do better than the OE setup.

The worklamps have a running light function which makes the trucks stand out more on the road, which is a helpful safety feature. The lights also have turn indicators, since the OE indicators on trucks are likely covered by the snow plow assembly.

According to Jack, one of the most clever and useful features for the EW4010 Series light is the universal mount. There are mounting holes on three sides of the light housing, something that isn’t the case with other auxiliary lights on the market. That means you can use the same light on the left or right side of a vehicle. The light can also be mounted upside down so the blinker is on top or bottom, depending on local safety regulations and other considerations. That flexibility eliminates the need to order separate lights based on orientation.

Unlike regular LED auxiliary lights, the EW4010 Series were designed specifically for running on snow plows and other snow removal vehicles. They have a patented anti-icing and snow-melt system which keeps the lenses clear, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Jack has been so impressed with the EW4010 Series snowplow LED lights he can’t wait to buy at least three more sets before the next snow season.

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