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ECCO Releases ED3702 and ED3712 Directionals

ECCO’s New LED Lights Combine Affordability and Functionality in One Powerful Work Light

ECCO Releases ED3702 and ED3712 Directionals

ECCO, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle warning and safety equipment, has announced a new set of dual- and tri-color directional warning lights.

Utilizing the latest LED technology, ECCO has engineered directional warning lights that can also be programmed to a steady-burn mode for work-area lighting.

The ultra-low profile of the ED3702 Series allows for easy installation on almost any location on the vehicle. The dual-color option features 12 LEDs (six of each color), with seven color configurations. The tri-color features 18 LEDs (six of each color) and is available in four color configurations.

The ED3712 offers the flexibility of two or three different color outputs within a single unit. Each model can be programmed to flash each color option individually or alternately.

For more information on ECCO’s line of products, please visit or contact our Customer Service team at 800.635.5900.

About ECCO Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, ECCO began manufacturing audible warning devices in 1972. Today, ECCO is now a company of ECCO Safety Group – a worldwide leader in safety and warning products. ECCO designs, manufactures and markets back-up alarms and amber warning lights for over-the-road vehicles, earth-moving vehicles and material handling equipment.

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